Socket System

     Another system which can help you increase various abilities to your character is the Socket system. Now, let’s see the step to socketing !


Adding Socket


Step 1 - Talk to NPC Carmen (Alchemist) in Ardeca

Step 2 - Select [Smelting] I want to smelt item


Step 3 - Once socketing window display, left click on the gear you want



  • You can sacrifice Socket Stones to increase success chance, 5% each (25% max) such as Attack Cubes or another Gems
  • Alchemist’s Soul can be used to increase success chance as well.
  • Also, you can use Gemcraft’s Protection to protect socket loss in the case of failure.

Step 4 - Click (Smelting) and wait for the result

If succeeds, there’ll be a light like this


More Information

  • The cost will depend on the equipment level and type. (such as weapon will require higher DIL)
  • Red items are the item that cannot add a socket.
  • After the socket has been added, players can put Socket Stone into it straight away.
  • All armor and most weapons can add up to 4 Sockets
  • Except for one-handed weapon can increase up to 3 Sockets and Dagger can increase up to 2 Sockets
  • If it fails, you will lose 1 socket and may also lose stones that are placed in the gear.

Adding Socket Stone

     Once you get the socketable gear, you can easily add a socket stone. To Socket a stone, click on the stone, and then drop it on the (unequipped) gear. You will receive a confirmation message before the stone is Socketed. ^^



Removing Socket Stone

     For Socket Stone removing, there is a method similar to adding Socket. Let's see what steps are there.


Step 1 - Go to NPC Carmen (Alchemist) at Ardeca

Step 2 - Talk and select [Remove Socket] I want to remove Socket

Step 3 - Once the Socket Stone window appears, left click on the gear you want. The DIL fees and success chance will be shown.



     You can increase this chance with Stonemason's Breath (from the Shop) which will increase the success chance and can be sacrificed up to 5 items.


Step 4 - Last step, click on (Remove) to remove Socket Stone immediately.

If succeeds, there’ll be a light like this


More Information

  • If successful, the Socket Stone is destroyed, but the socket remains.
  • If fails, both Socket Stone and socket are destroyed, reducing the number of sockets on the item by one.




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