[TIPS & GUIDES] New Player's Guide



  • Do Main Quest (Red) and General Quest (Yellow)  that require you to kill the same monsters or go to the same location as a Main Quest.


  • If you are faced with a lack of main and general quest, there still will be a daily quest and repeatable quests to help you level up more easier than leveling with killing monsters only. What quests are there, let’s see…
    • Request Commission Quest (Board) : In every map, there’ll be daily quests that can be done once a day or repeatable quests (light blue) which can be done unlimitedly.

          In which, in this commission board quest there is 1 quest that we would like to suggest everyone. That is the "Defeat 100 Hordes of evil" quest. This quest is available only for level 30 and higher. And the "Defeat 500 Hordes of evil" quest. This quest is available only for level 80 and higher. After you complete it, you can get a lot of EXP.



     The commission board can be found in the map (M) and checked in the NPC lists. The sign of the Commission board is a light blue square in the map like in the picture below.

Except for Revenge’s Ice Valley, these quests can be received from NPC Bureau Lander like in the picture below.


    • Monster Hunting Quest or some players may call it “60000 Quest”. This quest will have a mission to get rid of the monsters for 60,000 points. Each monster that players hit may get different points depending on the case or the status of the said monster. You can receive this quest from NPC with (Return Master) at the end of their name. Press (M) to view the NPC location, but these type of NPC are not available in every map.

Example of NPC Return Master location (yellow square)


  • Another way to level up without farming monsters is the Fishing system. When you fish successfully, you will get experiences well. Fish can be used to recover HP, MP, or receive buffs or you can sell them at NPC Shop to get DIL as well. More information here https://www.dekaron.asia/en/guides/19

  • And another function for those who don’t want to attack monsters by yourself, you can use the Battle Support system. Initially, you can use it up to 60 minutes per day. For more details about this system here https://www.dekaron.asia/en/guides/15

  • After level 30, repeat the "Defeat 100 Hordes of evil" from Commission Center as often as possible

  • After level 80, repeat the "Defeat 500 Hordes of evil" from Commission Center as often as possible

  • Join Solo dungeons available to your level. The great EXP you will get will be good as long as you are within 20 levels of the entry requirement.
    • Example
      • Norak Secret Arena (Solo)
      • Python Castle (Solo)

  • Many party dungeons can be completed by 1-2 players. Party members no need to meet the level requirements of that dungeon or even be on the same map in order to enter the dungeon. Also, players will not be kicked out for having too few members. This lets players with more than one account can use alternate accounts to solo ground dungeons. Example of an interesting dungeon is Cartel [Infinity], in which this dungeon will summon enormous monsters to attack you. Each monster gives a very high EXP as well.


  • And another key item that you should collect and use it which is Mark of Inkar. In which you can bring this to exchange for items at NPC Theodor (High Half Snow map). There are various exchangeable items such as HP potion, MP potion, Socket stone.




Level 102: First Wings and Final Basic Skill

Players can get the last basic skill and do a main quest to receive your class’s wings. You can also go to talk to NPC Hosea at Parca Temple.

* Each wing will vary depending on character's class.

Example of class wing





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