Add Friends

How to add friend

Everyone can add friends easily by following the steps below. ^^


Method 1 : Add friend at other players’ character directly


  1. Left click on the character you want to add

  1. Then click on >> and select [Friend] to send a friend request to them

  1. Opponent will receive the request window like this. If they click [Yes], it means confirm the request.

Method 2 : Add friend in Messenger [F]


1. Press shortcut key: F and Messenger window will be shown

2. Enter the character’s name in the box and click [Add]

How to add Black List (Block)


Method 1 : Block other players directly


  1. Left click on their character

  1. Then click >> and select [Block]

Method 2 :Add Black List in Messenger [F]


  1. Press shortcut key : F and select [Blacklist] tab

  1. Enter the character name you want to block in the box, and click [Add]




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