PvP System

PVP System

     Another important system for hardcore players which are PVP System. There are 3 types of PVP :

  • Duel : 1 Vs 1
  • Party PvP : Party duel
  • PK : combat system is freely available on the PK channel and outside the safe zone map only.



     A duel is an agreed-upon challenge between two players to fight to the death. To challenge another player to a duel, follow the steps below


Step 1 Left click on the other character

Step 2 Click on >> on the target window and select [PvP]

Step 3 Then, wait for the other player to accept the request by clicking [Confirm]. The duel flag will be displayed and a word Fight will be shown.

Addition information

  • Duel can be done anywhere even if in a safety zone
  • If both players are too far away, they cannot duel
  • If player are using Mount, you cannot start duel

  • If you are in PVP state, you cannot accept any other PVP requests
  • During the battle, if both players are too far away, the duel will be canceled


Party PvP

     The Party PvP system is similar to Duel, but it is different that a players must be in a party before using PartyPvP. All Party PvP participants will be moved to a special area.


Step 1 After creating party, click on the leader of opponent party

Step 2 Then click >> on the target window and select [PartyPvP] and wait for the opponent accept a request

Step 3 The Party PvP creator set the setting such as, map, fees and duel time, and then click [Check setting]

Step 4 Wait until all participants click [Ready] and the PartyPvP creator click [Start].

     All players will be moved to a special map. And the time will start count down before the battle begins. At the end of the battle, there will be a window showing the battle results. ^^


     Dekaron is another game that enables the PK system or a free combat system between players. But this system is complex in many ways, including the punishment system as well. So let's get to know this PK system.


How to use PK

     Players can start PK by pressing Ctrl and attacking another player with a skill or auto-attack. But if the opponent is in Niette state, you can attack them immediately, except for ranged attacks you need to hold Ctrl key first. And you can use PK outside of Safety zones only.

Status system

     Within the PK system, the status are divided into 3 :

  • Helion (good) : General players who don’t use PK or be penalized. Their names will be white.
  • Niette (evil) : Player who killed another Helion player. The murderer’s name will be red.
  • Battle status : Player who attacks another general player. Their names will be purple. This status will be gone, if there is no further attack for 30 seconds.


PK system with Party

  • Players who are in party cannot attack Niette or Battle status players who are in the same party
  • If you help Niette or Battle status players with heal or give buffs, you will be in Battle status as well.
  • Players that are not in the party cannot heal or give buff to Niette or Battle status players.



     There’ll be penalties for Niette players as follow :

  1. Cannot use teleport from NPC
  2. Cannot use Warehouse
  3. After death, cannot revive to the normal positions
  4. If you get close to guard NPC, they will attack you but you can kill them as well
  5. For players who have killed too many players, after death you will be revived in prison. And can be released only if your PK points have been reduced.

Pay bail

  • You can pay bail at NPC Bailey (Jailer) and Klaus (Banker)
  • Bail Fees
    • 10 points decrease : 50,000 DIL
    • 100 points decrease : 500,000 DIL
    • 1000 points decrease : 5,000,000 DIL
    • 10000 points decrease : 50,000,000 DIL




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