Battle Support

Battle Support System

     In Dekaron, there will be a function that will support players in the battle which is Battle Support. In which players can use this function by clicking on the icon like the picture below.

How to use Battle Support

     For Battle Support, you can set up to 3 settings and can switch between those 3 sets by clicking on the drop-down setting menu in the top right corner. There are 2 pages of skill inputs available, for a total of 28 skills that can be set. Now, let’s know more about it.


Skill Setting 1 and 2

Intended for setting skills, attack styles and targeting


  • Green tube : or Stamina will be used when you start the battle support and 60 minutes of Stamina is given for free a day. You can add it by using some items from Connection rewards or if you use Premium Holy Water of Almighty you will get Stamina for unlimited.
  • Start Location : exact location at which your character is currently standing. If no actions are available, the character will return to this location.
  • Farming Range : the range which your character will attack any viable target. You can select one of three ranges (Narrow,Middle,Wide)
  • Self-Target : will have your character use any skills on the Battle Support list on themselves first, if they are a viable target. Otherwise they will use the skill on any viable target.
  • Attacker target setting : will prioritize targets who are already attacking your character, over other targets.
  • Normal attack : instructs your character to activate auto-attack if a hostile target is within range and no other skill is available.

Repeat Setting 1 and 2

This tab allows you to set Battle Support to use consumable items at instructed intervals. Click on the item and then on a free spot on the Repeat Setting List.

  • Repeat duration time : will use the item upon starting Battle Support, and then use another once the effects of the first expire. This will repeat so long as you have a supply of the items in your inventory.
  • Repeat cool time : will use the item upon starting Battle Support, and then use another as soon as the cooldown time for the item has passed. Be aware of this option, it will consume your item faster even if its effects are ongoing.
  • Cooldown time select : will use the item upon starting Battle Support, use it again once the defined time (in seconds) has passed

Potion Setting

Only available for characters under the effects of Premium Holy Water of Almighty. This tab allows you to automatically use HP and MP potions from potion shortcut slots if you HP or MP drops below a percentage you set. You can select two types of each potion with different percentage, if you want to save more powerful potions for emergencies.



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