If your inventory space is not enough now, you can keep your items or DIL in the warehouse at NPC Warehouse Keeper. Now, let’s see how to use it.


Step 1 Talk with NPC who has (Warehouse Keeper) at the end of their name

Example NPC Warehouse Keeper


Step 2 Left click on [Warehouse] want to use warehouse


Step 3 Left click on an item and drop it in the warehouse slots or Right click on an item could be done as well

Example Warehouse window


     Initially, there will be 2 tabs for the warehouse. Moreover, players can deposit their DIL by clicking on the [Deposit] button in the warehouse window. Same as for withdrawing, click on [Withdraw] in your inventory window.


Common Warehouse

     Basically, the warehouse of each character is separate. Players cannot share items between characters in their account. Except for players using Warehouse Keeper's Key items that will add 100 additional common slots. With the new tab, it can store exchangeable items and that tab will be available for all characters in your account that are on the same server.

* Different server, using different Common warehouse



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