NPC Shops

NPC Shop

     In each map, there are NPCs who sell general items such as potion and arrow. They usually have (Trader) or (Merchant) at the end of their displayed name. When you talk to them to access the Shop, it will display the shop window like the picture below.

     In the Shop screen, if you point the mouse cursor on the items, their information, purchase price and sell price will be shown. Purchase price is the cost of items which players need to pay for them. The Sale price is the amount of DIL you will get when selling items to NPC.

How to buy items

  • To buy an item, left click on the item and then a small window will be shown, enter the amount you want to buy and click [confirm].
  • Or right click on the item and those items will go into your inventory immediately without any notification or confirmation. Be aware of using right click on the expensive items.


How to sell items

  • To sell an item, left click on the item you want to sell and drop it on the merchant’s window. There’ll be a window shown, you can click to confirm or cancel the selling.
  • Or right click on the item to sell them directly without any confirmation.


How to repurchase items

     If you later change your mind about selling something, you can go to any trader or merchant, talk to them and click the [Repurchase] button.

     In the repurchase window, it will display a collection of items you have sold to any trader NPC. You can repurchase them back for the DIL you received.



  • Repurchase inventory has limited capacity, and items added in excess of capacity the system will delete the first item added out.
  • When you log out, close the client, or move to the character selection window, the Repurchase list will be reset to empty slots.




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