Personal Shops and Trading


In Dekaron, there are 2 ways of item trading which are conducting a 1:1 trade and personal shop.


Conducting a 1:1 trade

     To trade with another player, you must be relatively close to their character. Click on the target player whom you want to trade, click >> and select [Trade] option. Wait for the opponent player to accept the trade request. If the other player accepts your offer, the Trade Window will open.

Trade request

Wait for acceptance

Trade Window


Personal Shops

     If you want to sell something without actively hunting for a buyer, you can set up a Personal Shop in Ardeca. You can sell tradable items and set prices in DIL only. To access your Personal Shop, press the / key or access through the main menu and click  then a personal shop window will be shown. Place whatever tradable items you want to sell in the shop slots, set the price, shop name and click Open Shop. Your personal shop will be active and your character will sit down.


* FYI : If buyers purchase items at your personal shop directly, there'll be a 5% tax. But if buyers purchase items at NPC (Broker) the tax will be 1%.

Personal shop window

Example of the shop that are selling items




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