Fishing System

Fishing System

     Another interesting system for relaxing from the battle is the fishing system ^^ And the most important thing we need to know is required items for fishing which are Fishing Mastery skill and Rod. The bait is just an extra option. Players can buy bait and right click to use to increase the chance of success.

How to Fish


Step 1 Go to talk with NPC Rodbal (Fisher) to answer questions about fishing

     If you can answer all 3 questions correctly, you will get a Fishing mastery skill book and fishing rod for free.


               Rod         Fishing skill book

Step 2 Go to fishing area

     For the fishing area, there will be a fish icon like the picture below in the map.

Step 3 Press a shortcut: L and left-click on the water so you can start fishing

Example Casting tab


Step 4 If it turned into reeling mode, the tab will be changed

Example Reeling tab


  • Upper bar = for your rod resistance
  • Lower bar = Fish power
  • If the lower bar turns red, the fish is fighting you which means it’s harder to catch them.


Step 5 Left click or Spacebar to attack the fish and catch them

  • If the fish bar empties, succeeded

  • If the rod resistance bar empties, or the fish bar fills, failed


  • If you use auto rod, will increase success chance of fishing as well
  • If you inventory is full during using auto rod, you will get only EXP from fishing


Items can be obtained from fishing

  • Different types of fish
  • Knight Exp Coin (using cash fishing rod only)
  • Fes Marblick (using cash fishing rod only)
  • Silver Agate (using cash fishing rod only)

Example of available fish




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