Character Status

How important Character Stats is?

     Another important and indispensable thing for all warriors is character’s stats. Increasing your stats is very important as it will affect your playing style and weapon choosing (for some classes) and many other things. Therefore, it is important that all players should learn all 4 main statuses in order to increase their character’s main stats efficiently and make it suit with playing style and weapons.

ค่า Status

     In DEKARON, players will get 5 points per 1 achieving a new level. Let’s see each stat with their effects.



Strength will affect

  • Melee Attack
  • Critical
  • Block


Dexterity will affect

  • Range Attack
  • Critical
  • Block
  • Guard


Health will affect

  • HP
  • Shield


Spirit will affect

  • Magic Attack
  • MP
  • Critical

     However, stats increasing will be different due to it depending on the class, level, weapon and playing style of each player. Stats increasing can be adjusted in many ways to suit the way of playing. ^^




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