Upgrade System (Reinforcement)


     Players can reinforce or upgrade several equipped items such as weapons, shields and other gear. Each reinforcement level requires different items and amounts of DIL. Moreover, higher reinforcement level, higher risk.


Required Items

1. Gear you want to reinforce

2. Upgrade item : there are 3 levels of agate

  • Copper Agate for reinforce item level +1 ~ +3
  • Silver Agate for reinforce item level +4 ~ +6
  • Gold Agate for reinforce item level +7 ~ +9


3. DIL

4. Increasing success rate items or failure protection items (if any)


How to reinforce

  1. Talk with NPC Blacksmith in Ardeca

NPC Blacksmith in Ardeca


  1. Select [Enhancement] I want to reinforce items

  1. Then select the item you want to reinforce and Agate according to the main item level.

Example, the main item level is +4, you must use Silver agate


  • You can use items to increase the reinforcement success rate such as Holy Water of Almighty, Blacksmith’s Blessing

  • You can use items to protect the item from failure such as Blacksmith Protection, Blessed Blacksmith Protection
  • If you fail to reinforce at the level 4-6, failure will remove all existing reinforcements on the item to +0. +7 or higher items will be destroyed when reinforcement fails.

  1. After that, click on the (Upgrade) button.

Reinforcing, wait wait wait...


If succeeds, there’ll be a light like this

Just a few steps, you can reinforce all of your gear and be ready to fight with the enemies.




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