Brand Option


     Another system for adding options to your gear is Branding. In which, Branding can add options up to 4 options.


How to brand

  1. Talk with NPC Blacksmith and select  [Branding] Dismantle, intensify and brand item

  1. Go to Brand tab, select the gear and Soul Stone you want to use

The Soul Stone will need to have at least as high a level as the item to be used to Brand it.


  1. Then click [Brand]



  • Stats are selected completely at random
  • If succeeds, Soul Stone will be consumed and a stat will be added
  • If fails, Soul Stone will be consumed without any other negative effects
  • In case of trying to brand an item which already has four Brand Options, one or more of the existing options will be randomized.
  • You can use Brand Option Locks to lock the option you don’t want to lose
    • How to use: place an item and Soul Stone, then click the box in front of options you want to keep
    • 1 Brand Option Lock for each option you want to keep
  • Higher-level Soul Stones have the chance to generate better Brand Options


Amplify Soul Stone

     If you have many low-level Soul Stones but would rather have a few better ones, you can get it from NPC Blacksmith. Let’s see the steps below


1. Talk with NPC Blacksmith and select [Branding] Dismantle, intensify and brand item


2. Go to the Amplify tab, select the Soul Stone you want to amplify and then select another Soul Stone which must have a lower level than the target.

3. Click on [Amplify], just this you will get the Soul Stone with higher level.


  • After amplifying, the second Soul Stone will be consumed.
  • There’s no failure. An amplified Soul Stone’s level always increases by at least 1.
  • The closer to the amplified Soul Stone’s level the consumed Soul Stone is, the more the amplified Soul Stone will increase in level.

Dismantle tab

     And the last function, it will allow you to sacrifice an item and you will get Soul Stone of the same level as the item. You must have the main item, Disassemble Hammer, and DIL.

Disassemble Hammer

*Some items, such as wings, give other rare components when disassembled.




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