Quest System

About Quest

     Killing monsters to gain experience points might be fun, but undertaking quests provides even more reward and excitement. That will help you adventure more easier and faster.

     For DEKARON, you can check in-progress quests by pressing shortcut: Q and there’ll be a quest window shown. In that window, in front of each quest name, there are [ ] which will specify the quest type such as, [Main] [General] and there are other tabs for you to check the quests as well, such as daily quests or save quests (Completed quests).

Quest Progress Window

     The window shows the quest progress, is another small function but convenient for many players. It will be a small window that can be moved to any point of the screen as you want. This window will show a brief description of the quest that is currently in progress.

     If you want to add a quest which is not being displayed on the Progress Window, or remove any which are being displayed, open the Quest Screen with the Q key. Clicking the name of a listed quest will alternatively add or remove it from the Progress Window. ^^

TIP : Quests in progress and not finished quests, their name will be in yellow. But for completed quests, its name will be in orange and there’s [Complete] at the end.

Icon indicates the quest status

! Yellow : The NPC has one or more quests available for you.

? White : You received the quest, but not finished.

? Yellow : You have fulfilled a quest and the NPC is ready to give you your reward.

! Red : The NPC has a main story quest available for you.

? Red : You have fulfilled a main quest and the NPC is ready to give you your reward.

! Blue : A repeatable quest that is available. (some are unlimited and some limited to 1 per day)

     The suggestion is keep following the main quest (red quest), so you can level up and go to the next map quickly. Moreover, you can press the shortcut: M to view the full map and search for monsters spawn location, which will save you a lot of time in looking for monsters. ^^




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