Guild and Alliance

Forming a Guild

If you would like to start your own Guild, you will need to talk to NPC Blake at Ardeca.

     To start a guild, your character must have reached a minimum level of 50, and you must spend a one-time registration fee of 1,000,000 DIL. You’ll need to give your guild a name as well, which follows the same restrictions as character names (upper- and lowercase letters, and numbers, up to 20 characters long.)

Guild Information

     Once you join a Guild, you can press the G key to open the Guild window. There will be the following details.


Guild Tab

     In a Guild tab, there are many information such as guild name, guild level, members, rank, adventure point and donations. Players who are in a Guild can click [Manage] to manage things in a Guild. In which this function will differ according to the character's guild rank. Moreover, all members can click [Function] to leave a guild, donate DIL and donate adventure points.


Participants Tab

     In this tab will show a list of guild members. Online members’ names will be in white. You can left click on other members' names to whisper or view their information. A Guild can have a maximum of 50 player characters as members.

Skill Tab

     This tab consists of buff skills for a Guild which are Growth Acceleration and Superior Battle. The higher skill level, the higher resources will be required. This is one of the reasons that everyone should donate a resource.

Alliances Tab

     And the last tab is about Guild alliance such as a list of alliances members, guild leader, and announcements as well. All members can check alliance announcements in this tab.

Managing a Guild

     New members will begin at rank 10 automatically. There are 10 guild ranks, each of which can have its name and permissions customized by the guild leader. The Guild leader can manage guild rank name and permissions by clicking on [Manage] button and select [Setting rights].

     To change a guild member’s rank, left-click their name under the [Participants] tab, and select [Change Ranks]. You can’t change your own rank.

     The guild leader can pass leadership to another member in the [Participants] tab. And if the guild leader wants to increase a guild level, go to talk with NPC Blake and use GPoint to level up the guild.


Guild Resources

     Due to a higher guild level and guild skills requires more resources, so DIL and Guild Points and GPoints are very important to guild.


  • DIL : DIL must be donated to the guild by members under the Function button
  • Guild Points : come from Adventure Points that players receive when they complete quests. Usually come from commission quests. 1000 Adventure points = 1 Guild Points
  • GPoint : are received when guild members reach higher levels. Level increasing from EXP items will not be counted and affected GPoint.

  • Medals : are received when completing the Guild Quests given by Commission. Giving these medals to Vascuda and it will increase Frontier Points to guild. Each week, the guild who has the highest FP will be able to access Frontier Dungeon for the following week, and if a guild can complete the dungeon, they will get exclusive Title as a reward.


Guild Emblems

     In addition to your guild name, your character’s name plate will also display your Guild Emblem. The guild leader can visit NPC Blake to select a guild icon from a list of images. A list of background colors and patterns is also available. Creating or altering a guild emblem costs 100,000 DIL.

For guilds who want to make guild symbols more beautiful and distinctive, leaders can buy Guild of Glory items in the Shop > Themes. You can also remove an effect by talking to NPC Blake, the effect is gone and must be purchased again if the guild leader wants to restore it.

Increase a Guild level

     To raise a guild level, it will cost adventure points and GPoint differently. Once members help to donate all of them enough, a guild leader goes to talk to NPC Blake in Ardeca and select [Guild] I want to raise a Guild level, check the required points and then click [Confirm].


Required points table

Guild Lv.

Adventure Point
































* If any information changes, we will inform in the future.



     For guilds who want to form an Alliance, your guild level must be at least 2 to form or join an alliance. To invite an Alliance, left click on the target character, click >> and select [Alliance].

     When the other guild leader approves, the inviting guild leader will be prompted to name the alliance. Once they do so, the alliance is created.


What can the Alliance leader do?

  • Change emblem and emblem effect
  • Pass alliance leadership to another guild
  • Expel another guild


Note : Alliances disband automatically when they are reduced to a single member guild.




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