Pet System

Pet System

     Cutest system which comes with tons of advantages. It’s not just a cute accessory. If you want to know more about them, let’s see now !

There are 3 rank of pet :

- Normal - 1 option

- Rare - 2 options

- Unique - 3 options

Equipping and Summoning a Pet

Pet Egg and Pet

     Firstly, you must buy Pet egg from Shop. Then, right click to hatch it and you will get a pet at random. You can equip it in your Pet equipment slot.

Pet equipment slot

Example, summoned Pets


     To summon a pet, you can summon it by pressing the T key or clicking on the main menu. Summoning a pet takes a few seconds.

Pet information window




Naming a Pet

     You can set a pet name by accessing the pet menu, click the Change name button. Enter the name you want and click confirm. But there’s one condition, in one pet awakening, you can set the pet name only once.

Pet Age

     Usually, Pets do not last indefinitely, but regress back into eggs after 30 days. After 30 days, it will go to sleeping state. You have to use Awakening Ocarina to awake them, and it will be reunited with your pet for 30 more days. Sleeping pets cannot be summoned but you still can use pet inventory.


Pet Inventory

     Some of the rarer pets are symbols of wealth and prestige, or just look charming. But pets are also helpful because they will collect items for you. You can access your pet’s inventory via the Pet Management screen by pressing Y key. All your pets share a single inventory, so changing pets does not mean you will lose access to whatever it was carrying. You can save both of your items and DIL. But to use the items in the pet inventory, you need to move it to your inventory first and then use it.




Pet Combination

     Every time you hatch any level egg, Normal, Rare, or Unique, you will get it at a random. So, if you want a higher rank pet, you can use a pet combination to receive a new pet. Firstly, let’s see what rank pet you can get from combination.

  • Normal Pet x Normal Pet = have a chance to get Rare Pet Egg
  • Rare Pet x Rare Pet = have a chance to get Unique Pet Egg
  • Unique Pet x Pet (any rank) = Unique Pet Egg (100%)



  • Summoning/Equipped pets cannot be combined. You need to uncommon or unequip them first.
  • Pet in sleeping state cannot be used to combined.



How to combine pet

Step 1 : Hatch 2 Pet Egg and move 2 pets to Pet inventory (shortcut: y)

Step 2 : Go to a Pet Combination tab and select 2 pets you want to use.

Step 3 : Click [Combine Pet]. Once you combine them, Pet egg you get will be displayed in your Pet inventory.

     In case of Unique pets, if you combine them with any rank pets, you will get a Unique pet egg for sure. And every pet has special stats, you can check it by equipping them and check in the pet inventory window. Special stats will be shown under the word “Skill Info”.




Pet Soul Chain

If you are not happy with the Rank Options of your pet, you can generate a new set via the Soul Chain tab on the Pet Management screen.

1. Press Y key to open Pet management window

2. Click a [Soul Chain] tab

3. Click the pet whose options you wish to change, and then click the [Soul Chain] button. 


  • One character can summon only one pet a time
  • You cannot summon pets in some area
  • Pet can collect DIL for you automatically
  • Pet cannot collect quest items
  • 1 Pet can be soul chain up to 10 times
  • Soul chain count can be reset by using 'Soul Chain Initialization' item. Which can be bought from Deca Shop.


In addition, players can make various settings on the Pet Settings tab, such as automatic collection of items.

Pet settings window




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