Wing System

How is the Wing ?

     For DEKARON, “Wing is not just jewelry that adds beauty only, but also has benefits that help increase some status of characters as well.

     Usually, wings will help increase the character moving speed but each wing will increase different amounts of speed. Moreover, some wings can increase HP, MP, Critical or Resistances as well. Let’s see how you can get it ^^

Example of Wings


How to obtain Wings

Initially, we will introduce two methods of obtaining wings:


  • Free Class Wing (Lv. 102)

The first Wing is for character with level 70 and above which you can get from the main quest. The second Wing is for character’s level 102 which can get from main quest "Terra's Minions" as well. Once you reach certain levels, you can re-issue the Lv.70 Wing to get your wing immediately at NPC Hosea in Parca Temple. Re-issue wing costs 100,000 DIL.

Example, Lv. 102 Wings


  • Free Class Wing (Lv. 151)

     After you upgrade your Lv.102 Wing to Lv.139, you can complete some other quests to get Wing Lv. 151. The following is a guide how to get it.


  1. Go to Parca Temple map and talk to NPC Hosea and receive A new wings ?! quest
  2. Move to Deadlands map and talk to NPC Genta and submit A new wings ?! quest
  3. Get God's Ore quest from him Genta.
  4. Genta requires you to give him a Mithril (can be obtained from crafting)
  5. Give Mithril to Genta to complete a quest.
  6. Then, you will get Legion of Doom quest. (He requires you to get Piece of artifact)
        * Piece of artifact can be obtained from special monters during the Deadlands map event.
  7. After getting the it, talk to Genta to submit that quest.
  8. Get a Last piece quest.
  9. Give him materials - there're 3 choices you can choose, the more valuable items, the more success chance.
    1. 3 Copper agate + 1 Piece of artifact + 1 Mithril
    2. 3 Silver agate + 1 Piece of artifact + 1 Mithril
    3. 3 Gold agate + 1 Piece of artifact + 1 Mithril
  10. If success, you will get Ancient relics item.
  11. Go back to NPC Hosea at Parca Temple and select New power on the wing !!.
  12. Select ?Lv..151? Astral Wings and you will get Lv.151 Wing immediately. !! ~



  • In-game Shop

Another way to obtain wings is a Shop in the game. In which kind of wings will be available for sale, to be continued… ^^


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