Crafting System

Learning to Craft

     Before you can begin crafting, you must visit NPC Dora in Ardeca, and select one of the three Crafting Masteries. Crafting masteries consists of :

  • Weapon Mastery : craft the weapon item
  • Armor Mastery : craft the armor item
  • Alchemy Mastery : craft consumables items(potion, arrow, etc.)

Crafting Interface

     You can press (Ctrl+R) to access the crafting system or access through the main menu. In this window, it consists of 3 tabs : first is Weapon/Armor/Alchemy according to the mastery you chose, second tab is Common, last tab is In-progress.

     On the left panel of the Crafting System window is the list of Recipes that you can craft. Which will be divided into subcategories. The right hand side contains the following crafting information: 

  • Required Mastery Level
  • Expertised earned
  • Crafting Cost
  • Crafting Time
  • Success Rate

Below the Crafting information, there are the Materials required to craft the item. You must have the listed items to craft that recipe, and the items will all be consumed in the crafting.



  • You can click the [Craft] button at the top of the window to show only lists of recipes you can craft and have materials for.
  • [-] and [+] button are for decreasing or increasing the amount of items to craft
  • [Max] select the maximum number you can craft with your Materials on hand
  • Often crafting, increasing your mastery level and will unlock advanced items crafting


Crafting Process

     Once you craft an item or click In-progress tab, the window will be changed to [In-progress] tab like the picture below.

     Once crafting is complete, an icon will appear on the top-left corner of your screen, which you can click to open the Crafting Progress List. Press Receive Item to get it.

     You can only craft one item at a time, by default. But if you want to multitask, you can buy Dora Mill items from Shop to expand the crafting slots. Moreover, there are Catalyst item which can expedite the remaining time by 1 day ^^




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