How to download and install

How to Download and Install Dekaron

Let’s prepare before starting your adventure in Dekaron !


There’re steps to download and install the game as follows.

Step 1 - Enter the website then click DOWNLOAD

Step 2 - Once you get to the Dekaron client download page, select the file you want to download.

Step 3 - After downloading the Dekaron game installer, you will get a file named [GODLIKE-DekaronOnlineTH_xx-xx-2020.exe], double click the file to start installation.

Step 4 - Once you open the game installer file, read the terms and conditions and click I Agree to continue.

Step 5 - Choose the install location and click Install to start the installing

Step 6 - Wait until the installation is finished, finish installing the EAC and then click Finish to complete installation.

EAC for anti hacking programs. Don’t forget to install it.


There’ll be a Dekaron icon on your desktop, everyone can launch the game via this icon directly. ^^



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