Mount System

Mount System

     Mount (well known as vehicle) can be summoned and unsummoned. Mount item must be equipped in the mount slot before you can summon it. Normally, a mount may give movement speed stat to your character when you summon it. For some special mounts, they may give you other bonuses while equipped.

Mount Summoning

     You can press J key to summon your equipped mount or unsummon them.



  • When riding a mount, you can move automatically to a reachable location by clicking on the map (both mini map and full map).
  • You cannot summon mounts in dungeons.
  • You cannot attack or use skills on other targets while riding a mount.
  • You will lose any increasing max HP or MP that are enabling.

In-game Mount Random Box

     You can buy a mount random box from NPC Sergio (Stable keeper) in Ardeca standing by the river. Sergio will sell you a Box quickly for almost 200,000 DIL for the first box and the price will increase every time you buy it. The price will be reset everyday on 00.00

Example of Box quickly


     When you right click on the box, you will receive one of the 1★~2★ mounts randomly and 1 Wreckage. You can collect 30 Wreckages to exchange for a special mount random box. After you collect 30 Wreckages, right click to exchange it to Noble Swiftness Box. Noble Swiftness Box will give you one of the 1★~4★ mounts randomly. In which, there is a chance to get some special 4★ mounts that are not included in the Box quickly.


Noble Swiftness Box

Evolving Mounts

     If you want to use faster mounts, you can evolve your lower-level mounts to the higher one. You need Quick Crystals to evolve the mounts.


How to get Quick Crystals


Step 1 : Open Vehicle Management (Ctrl+J), under the Crystallization tab.


Step 2 : Place the mounts you don’t want and click

Then, you will get “Quick Crystals” items in your inventory.

Example of Quick Crystals

How to evolve Mount


Step 1 : Step 1 : Open Vehicle Management (Ctrl+J), under the Evolution tab.


Step 2 : Right click on the mount you want to evolve and Quick Crystals.

Step 3 : Click on and you will get a higher level mount for sure.



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