Class Overview

Dekaron Class Overview

Currently, Dekaron has 12 classes. Let’s see how each class differs from each other!



     This is the first class who use Spear as their weapon, also using Guardarm as well. Their attack power is in moderate level but there’re a lot of support buff skills for the team and friends. Means that this class is one of the most important classes to support a team to win the battle easier.

Weapon : Spear line, Guard arm line

Skill Tree

  • Spear : Almost of skill used with Spear line and some can be used with whatever
  • Guardarm : All skills used with Guard arm line
  • Spell : Skills can be used with both Spear line and Guard arm line



     He has very high defense and health power (HP). Weapons and skills can be used in many more ways than other classes. And if you choose to use a Shield, it will make this class one of the best defensive classes in the game.

Weapon : One-handed weapon, Two-handed weapon, Dual weapon

Skill Tree

  • Protection : All skills used with One-handed weapon
  • Destruction : All skills used with Two-handed weapon
  • Dual : All skills used with Dual weapon
  • Honor : All can be used with whatever weapon, like it’s a basic skill for him



     Bagi uses a knuckle as his weapon and has higher defense than Azure Knight. He also has a lot of self-supported skills such as elemental defense, magic defense, and physical attack defense. So, all of these strengths made him able to fight well with other classes in both PK and PVP.

Weapon : Gauntlet line, Two-handed weapon, Dual weapon

Skill Tree

  • Fighting Spirit : All skills can be used with Gauntlet line
  • Militancy : All skills can be used with Gauntlet line as well



     This is one of the class who has Magic attack as high as Incar Magician. Even though Black Wizard has no Fire, Ice, and Lightning attack but Black Wizard has Dark magic skill which can make tons of damage to enemies as well. He has high mobility and skills that help avoiding damage and maintaining distances from enemies. And the distinctive point of this class is the longest attack range.

Weapon : Orb

Skill Tree

  • Energy : All skills used with Orb
  • Destruction : All skills used with Orb
  • Pain : All skills used with Orb



     This class mainly focuses on poison and hiding skills, also good at one-on-one battles due to she has a lot of skills to stop the enemies’ movement. Also, being invisible for a long enough time to attack or escape. Which can be called “Assassins”. In addition, Concerra can summon Chakra as well.

Weapon : Staff, Dual blade

Skill Tree

  • Rule : All can be used with Staff only
  • Shadow Krieg : All can be used with Dual blade only
  • Transformation : All skills can be used with Staff and Dual blade, just a few basic skill
  • Summon : Can be used with whatever weapons, for summon and control Chakra



     A cute girl who is a very powerful melee warrior with high mobility. Although there are not many party buffs, there are buffs for themselves that make them a very dangerous class in combat. Dragon Knight has a buff that increases Defeat's resistance, which helps to prevent damage from enemies and knock them back. In addition, they also have many AOE skills that damage around the character and debuff enemies.

Weapon : Seal force

Skill Tree

  • Attack : Skills used with Seal force
  • Aegis : Some can be used with Seal force, and some with whatever weapons
  • Inat : All of them used with Seal force



     Beautiful human who has a high tank in herself as a Bagi Warrior because she has many skills to increase abnormal state resistance. With some skills, make her different from Bagi Warrior such as she can stunt enemies at the same time for a second. Which can make her party members attack the target freely. And another interesting point is they have skill to reflect damage to the enemy's shield.

Weapon : Great Pulsion, Katar

Skill Tree

  • Falchion : Used with Great Pulsion
  • Katar : Used with Katar only
  • Fury : Used with whatever, skills related to Fury



     Magicians with ranged attack and severe damage. This class can use whatever weapons with all of their skills, because the weapons don't affect the skills. She can attack in 3 elements which are Fire, Ice, and Lightning. She has both buffs for herself and for parties.

Weapon : Wand, Staff

Skill Tree

  • Energy : Used with whatever, most of skills are the basic for her
  • Fire : Can be used with both Wand and Staff, highest damage between 3 skill trees
  • Ice : Can be used with both Wand and Staff
  • Lightning : Can be used with both Wand and Staff




     This is the class who use Curse and absorb the power of enemies. He has a lot of skills to make a severe damage and attack quickly but exchange with less healing skills than Segnale. In addition, he can use debuff on enemies and make them sleep for a short period of time.

Weapon: Scythe

Skill Tree

  • Heal : All can be used with Scythe
  • Curse : All can be used with Scythe, most of them are buff and debuff
  • Scythe : All can be used with Scythe



     This class has an advantage in the attack range. If using fire and skills, the enemies can hardly reach themselves. With a lot of support skills, she can farm very well, such as HP recovery rate skill or Max HP increasing skill. And the PVP still has an advantage in distance and has the ability to speed up the movement as well.

Weapon : Bow, Crossbow, Dagger

Skill Tree

  • Archer : Can be used with Bow and/or Crossbow
  • Combat : Only with Dagger
  • Hunter : Most can be used with Bow and Crossbow, for some with Dagger



     This is only one class who can revive, give buff, and resurrect others in party. Many parties need her to be in a party. They can farm by themselves by ising Blood skills without difficulty like other support classes. Also, curse skills can be used in PVP or Siege War very well.

Weapon : Blood whip

Skill Tree

  • Healing : Can be used with whatever weapons she can use
  • Curse : Can be used with whatever weapons, most of skills are debuff skills
  • Blood : Can be used with Blood whip only



     This class can summon creatures to help in battle as well. He can use summoned creatures to attract monsters and bait them. This is one of the best solo classes.

Weapon: Staff, Twin sword

Skill Tree

  • Domination : Used with Staff only
  • Combat : Used with Twin sword only
  • Alteration : Can be used with both Staff and Twin sword
  • Summon : Skills for summon and control Chakra, so can be used with both weapons


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