Controlling and Moving

Controlling Keys

W A S D : Move your character

Left click : Select target (control type B), Attack target (control type A)

Double Left click : Attack (control type B)

Right click : Right click on skill to use it (control type B)

Tab : Switch weapons

Spacebar : Pick up items

C : Character’s information

K : Skills

I : Inventory

Q : Quest

P : Party

O : Expedition

G : Guild

F : Friend

Y : Pet

T : Summon Pet

Ctrl+J : Mount Management

J : Summon Mount

/ : Personal shop

M : Map


     Players can check Shortcut Key for another functions in settings by pressing ESC then click “Game option setting” and select “Change Controls

Control Type

In Dekaron, there will be 2 control types for players to choose. Each mode can support different preferences and abilities of players. It is divided into Type A and Type B.


How to change control type

  1. ESC > Game Option > Battle
  2. Shift+X to use Control Type B
  3. Shift+Z to use Control Type A


  • Control Type A


   This type focused on direct attack because just one left click the character will attack immediately. But for using skills you need to left click on the skill you want to use, then right click on the target you want to cast skill on.


  • Control Type B


   This is a normal control type. When attacking the target, you must double click and your character will attack the target. One click will only select the target. Skill can be used by one right click on the skill or press the shortkeys. Which is the basic control for MMO games.

     Everyone can try both styles of control to know which type is more suitable in order to get more fun with playing the game.




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