Menu and Interface

Menu and Interface Description

There are a lot of User Interfaces in Dekaron. Details are as follows

  1. Special menu

     Consist of server name, date & time, Ping, Game Guide and Battle Support


  1. Status

     It will show all buffs that character is currently using


  1. Map

     Map will show the current location where your character is. You can click [Up arrow] to minimize the map or press [+] to see the big map. Also, there is [Smart warp] function or blue circle button that can be pressed to see the suitable area for the current level.


  1. Quest progress window

     Will show the quest in progress in which players can press [Q] and double left click on the desired quest to be displayed in this window.


  1. Chat window

     Players can press [Enter] to start sending messages and press [Enter] again to send them. This consists of a system message and chat message. Also, there are tabs for chatting, chat saving, and emotions.


  1. Status bar

     Consist of class symbol, level, character’s name, HP, MP, Shield, and % EXP.


  1. Skill Slot

     Shortcut keys for active skills. Players can click on the master key to lock/unlock skill slots, and click on the eye icon to change the number of skill slots.


  1. Potion Slot

     Shortcut keys for HP Potion and MP Potion.


  1. VIP Shop, Cash Inventory and Shop
  • Shop for VIP players only
  • Inventory for cash item
  • General shop


  1. Main Menu

     Click to view the game menus. If you point the mouse cursor at each icon, a menu name with shortcut will appear. You can left-click on the icon to use that function immediately.


  1. Time Table

     Click to view the dungeon schedules that can be entered at the specified time only.




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