Maps and NPC Searching

Using the Dekaron Map


NPC Searching

   In the Dekaron world, there are a lot of maps and NPCs. You can search for the NPC location by pressing (Shortkey: M), then click the NPC tab and a list of NPC in the current zone will be displayed. In the NPC tab, consist of name and function. Double click on NPC’s name, their location will be highlighter on the map.


Example Map window and Lists of NPC


After clicking on NPC name, their location will be displayed


     This is one of the important functions that players should know because it can give everyone convenience in searching NPCs. You can also view the monster location on the map the same as NPC. Just by clicking on the Monster tab and you will find a list of all monsters in the current map. Click on their name and the monster spawn location will be shown on the map.


When clicking monster name, spawn location will be shown on the map


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