Meet with ACT 2 on this 6 August !

Meet with ACT 2 on 6 August !

    Hello our lovely players ! As you can see in the news topic… Be ready, prepare your gear and team for the upcoming update patch, Action 2 which will be updated on this 6 August ! Meet with the extremely brutal dungeon Dead Front in Dekaron Online soon !

New dungeon : Dead Front

     Dead Front is Party Instance Dungeon that you can get a lot of EXP when completing. Dead Front has a limited access time according to the time schedule. In a 1 time event, only 4 parties will be selected to enter the dungeon, defeat the boss and survive to be the last one and get very rare items such as DIL, Agate and lots of useful items. Moreover, the last survival party will receive tons of additional special EXP !!


Dungeon Time : 09.00 AM, 01.00 PM, 06.00 PM, 09.00 PM (GMT+7)

Available Levels : Baron (71-90), Earl (91-110), Duke (111-130)

Dead Front Schedule :

  • Time between Application Periods – 22 minutes
  • Application Period – 5 minutes
  • Entrance Opportunity Time – 3 minutes
  • Waiting for Start of Battle – 2 minutes
  • Event Time from Start of Battle – 30 minutes



  • Dead Front will be separated between 2 servers and 2 channels [Ch1(PK), Ch2(PK)], 4 selected parties will be the only party on the same server with the same channel.
  • 1 Server can join DF in 2 channels [Ch1(PK), Ch2(PK)] seperately.
  • 1 Channel can have a maximum of 4 parties per event round
  • At least 4 party members will be required
  • You can enter Chain of Fire map (through Deneb) for preparing, application and entering the dungeon in this map.
  • The person applying for the Dead Front event must be the party leader.
  • All party members must be in the entrance area, Chain of Fire.
  • All party members must be in the same channel.
  • All party members (including the Party Leader) must be within the level range of the Dead Front event to which the Party Leader has applied.



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