Update Patch on October 8, 2020

Update Patch on October 8, 2020

     In the update patch on October 8, 2020 there will be many new  updates such as unlocking of alchemy crafting level, Attendance Event Calendar, and Thank God it’s Friday event. What will be the details, you guys can read all below.

Unlock : Item Dismantling System

     Unlock Socket Stone and Soul Stone Dismantling system which you can use this system at NPC Carmen in Ardeca.

     When you dismantle Socket Stone or Soul Stone, you will get a Powder of creation item that can be collected and used to craft (Ctrl+R) other items such as Podium Powder Grade 1.


Socket Stone Dismantling Guide : https://www.dekaron.asia/en/guides/29

Unlock Crafting : Alchemy Mastery


Mastery level 3

Mastery level 4

Mastery level 5

* Notes:

  • Players can see all the details in the Crafting window in the game as well.
  • Inner Health Potion and Inner Mana Potion can be found at NPC Winnie in Draco Desert map.

Attendance Mission Event


Event period : October 8, 2020 - November 5, 2020  (before server maintenance)

Event details

  • Attendance mission table will be changed at 12.00 AM (GMT+7) every day.
  • After completing a previous mission, you will be able to proceed to the next mission after the table changed.
  • Each mission can be done 1 time a day.

     * All items received from this event cannot be traded.

     * All items from the mission will expire 14 days after receiving them.

Rewards Example :




Thank God it's Friday

Event period : October 9, 2020 on 5.30 - 6.00 PM (GMT+7)

Event details

  • GM will announce in the game before the event begins and will randomly summon [Event]GoldenWorm monsters in all areas of the Ardeca map (Ch.1) during 5.30 - 6.00 PM (GMT+7)


Example Rewards :

  • DIL
  • Agate,Marblick (3 types)
  • Mitera's Spirit Shard

  • Miter's Spirit




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