Patch Update on Nov 5, 2020 : Attendance Mission Event 2

Patch update on November 5, 2020

     New event rewards from Attendance Mission Event 2 are here ! Let’s see all the details below.




Attendance Mission Event 2


Event period

Start: November 5, 2020 (after server maintenance) (GMT+7)

End: December 3, 2020 (before server maintenance) (GMT+7)


Event details :

  • Attendance mission table will be changed at 12.00 AM (GMT+7) every day.
  • After completing a previous mission and receiving rewards, you will be able to proceed to the next mission after the table changed.
  • Each mission can be done 1 time a day.
  • Reserves the right to change conditions and rewards without prior notice.
  • The decision of Dekaron team is final.


Attendance missions and rewards table

* Only monsters whose level is close to your character (differ not more than 30 levels) will be counted for Defeat 500 monster missions.


Rewards example : 


Fabnil's Wings (14 Days) Box (Bound)





     And now we have some resale items for those who missed it last time ! Let’s see what is there...


Pet Random Box x1 (120 DKC)

Pet random box x10 (1,080 DKC)

(Tradable, Permanent)

After opening the box, you can get one of these items at a random

* All pet eggs in the box can be traded.

* When you hatch an egg, the pet will be alive for 30 days and after that it will be in a sleeping state.


Example :

Incarnation of Rare Hellion Egg


Rare Deusmarble Egg


Rare Dragon Knight Egg


Rare Bagi Warrior


Rare Azure Knight

New type winter costume exchange box (1,500 DKC)

(Tradable, Permanent)

After open, you can select one costume from the list.

* After opening, your selected costume cannot be traded.






End of Events


1.) Halloween Event



2.) Colosseum Season 1 (Battle Royale)

* Colosseum rank winners will be announced and the rewards will be sent on next week.



3.) Online Loy Krathong



4.) Attendance Mission Event


End of Sales 


1.) Halloween socket box 

2.) Halloween special engraving random box 

3.) Halloween candy box 

4.) Halloween special package 

5.) New Type Beltine Costume exchange box 

6.) New Type Skeleton Mask Costume exchange box



* On November 12, All Z Coins and NPC Brand will be removed from the game. Players with existing Z Coins should use them before the date and time stated above.



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