Patch Update on November 19, 2020 : Akris Event & Mechanic Wing

Patch update on November 19, 2020

     At this time, our rare monster ‘Akris’ is back ! Special monsters coming with special items are here for everyone. find and kill !

Fix bugs

  • Fixed skill effect of Tigen Storm skill for Segeuriper.
  • Fixed treasure chest in Dead Front rank Doom and Hell to drop items normally.
  • Corrected the amount of EXP earned from killing monsters in Dead Front (DK channel).




New Event


Akris Event


Event duration 

Start : 19 November 2020 (after server maintenance)

End : 17 December 2020 (before server maintenance)


Details :

     During the event period, in all maps, after you defeat a certain amount of monsters there will be a chance that Akris will spawn randomly.

Akris monster

New rare items: 6% Socket Energy Random Box, Naruk, Soulstone: Level 150


Update Deca shop


Mechanic Wing random Box (450DKC)

(Permanent , Tradable)

After opening the box, you can get one item from the list randomly.

Example : 




End of event



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