Karon’s Fang Accessory & Event

Karon’s Fang Content & Event


New accessory : Karon’s Fang

     In this big patch update, we’ve added new accessory content which is Karon’s Fang to Dekaron. This accessory is a higher step upgraded from Mitera’s Tear. Therefore, you must use Mitera’s Bright Tears(https://www.dekaron.asia/en/news/58) as a main material in creation.


  • Add Miter's Anger fragment and Miter's Anger which are material for upgrading Karon’s Fang accessory.

  • Require 3 Miter's Anger fragment to exchange with 1 Miter's Anger (at NPC - Aria)

  • Karon’s Fang Upgrade Table

*There’s a chance to upgrade Karon’s Fang but item rank won’t downgrade. You’ll lose only Mitera’s Anger

*All rank Karon’s Fang cannot be reinforced, branding, adding grade options, socketing and dismantling.

*Mitera’s Tears accessory can be received once per character only. Be aware when selling the item to NPC. If you sell it, you won’t be able to receive it anymore.


Karon’s Fang Event


Event duration 

Start : 24 December 2020 (after server maintenance)

End : 7 January 2021 (before server maintenance)


Event details

  • During the event period, there is a chance that Miter's Anger fragment drops from bosses in the following list.

  • Umbar's Hideout (Lv.150+)
  • Tower of Spells (Lv.150+)
  • Crespo's Treasure A (Lv.155+)
  • Infinity war 2 :Struggle (Lv.150+)
  • Infinity war 2 :Battlefield (Lv.150+)


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