Patch Update on January 14, 2021 : Socket Stone Machine, New events & Deca Shop

PATCH UPDATE on 14 January 2021

     For this week, we would like to present a new useful system for everyone: “Socket Stone Machine” !!~ Which you can use to randomly get many better socket stones. Moreover, we’re providing mission event, akris event and some new products in Deca Shop.



New system : Socket Stone Machine

You can use this system at NPC - Carmen in Ardeca (320 : 165). In this system, you can use tons of Powder of creation to choose at random Socket stone or Pet socket stone. Also, you can use Crest powder to random Crest.


More information about Socket Stone Machine :





Mission Event


Event duration 

Start : 14 January 2021 (after server maintenance)

End : 28 January 2021 (before server maintenance)


Event details

  • Complete the mission step by step. You must receive the rewards first and you will be able to proceed to the next step
  • All missions will be reset at 10.00 hrs. (GMT+7) everyday
  • Reserves the right to change conditions and rewards without prior notice.
  • The decision of the Dekaron team is final.

Mission 1

Connection Time Reward

Accumulate online time and earn rewards


Mission 2

Target Monster Hunting

Defeat monsters and get rewards

* Only monsters whose level is close to that character (differ not more than 30 levels)


Mission 3

Item Collection Reward

Exchange key items with the rewards


Akris Event


Event duration

Start : 14 January 2021 (after server maintenance)

End : 11 February 2021 (before server maintenance)


Event details

     During the event period, in all maps, after you defeat a certain amount of monsters there will be a chance that Akris will spawn randomly.

Akris monster


Items can be dropped from Akris

  • Supplies
  • Copper, Silver, Gold Agate
  • Fes, Neum, Tatum Mablick
  • Soulstone: Level 130
  • Lantern
  • Scarlet
  • Fairytale
  • Super Noble HP B
  • Super Noble MP B
  • 5% Socket Seat Random Box
  • Normal Pet Egg (bound)
  • Pantheon's Ring Exchange Box 3 Day


Example of Pantheon’s Ring




Blessed Blacksmith Protection (600 DKC)

 Blessed Blacksmith Protection 5 Package (2900 DKC)

(Tradable, Permanent)

Blessed Blacksmith Protection can be used to protect weapons or armor when enhancing fails.

When failing, the reinforcement rating can be decreased by 1~3 ratings from the current one. Example, the current rating is +8 and if it fails the main item rating can be reduced to +7, +6 or +5 randomly. Main item will not be reduced to 0.

New Pet Sockets random Box (240 DKC)

(Tradable, Permanent)

After opening, you will randomly get 1 item from the list.


EXP Scroll Lucky Box (120 DKC)

(Tradable, Permanent)

After opening, you will randomly get 1 item from the list.



Drop Scroll 5 package (150 DKC)

Drop Scroll 10 package (300 DKC)

(Tradable, Permanent)

After opening, you will get all items in the box. After unboxing, items in the box cannot be traded.

Drop Scroll can be used to increase drop rate of items when killing monsters for 30 minutes.

* Different buffs can be stacked and accumulated.

* If you use the same buff, buff time will accumulate.

* Buff time will decrease when characters are online only.



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