Patch Update on February 18, 2021 : Dravis Secret Passage, Events & New Wings

Patch Update on February 18, 2021

     New dungeon ‘Dravis Secret Passage’ for finding main materials for creating Dragonic Squama. And meet with an easy Mission Event and new event ‘Dress Army Event’. And at this time… New wings are available now which are Arcadia Wing and EmPowered Growth Fate Wing !! Don’t miss any contents, see the detail below.

New Contents Update


New dungeon : Dravis Secret Passage (Solo)

It is a solo dungeon whose entrance is located in Elonhom Holy Land map. Players need to kill monsters and clear each dungeon mechanic. And kill the boss in the end for many worthwhile rewards which can be used to create high end accessory “Dragonic Squama”. (Accessories can be created at NPC Nomada in Crack in the Valley.)


Conditions :

  • Level: 160 +
  • Time limit: 30 minutes
  • Require : Secret Pass (Limited time) ticket
  • Tickets can be issued up to 7 times a day. The first issuing cost 200,000 DIL and can be issued 6 additional tickets per day.
    • Round 1-3 : use 200,000 DIL to issue ticket
    • Round 4 : use 300,000 DIL to issue ticket
    • Round 5 : use 400,000 DIL to issue ticket
    • Round 6 : use 500,000 DIL to issue ticket


Special rewards can be obtained from dungeon :

  • Dissemble Hammer
  • Transcendental light
  • Transcendence Light Shard (Bound)
  • Pet Slime Box
  • Slime essence
  • Dark Scorpion's Crust
  • Psychedelic Ring
  • Maneuver's Magic Power
  • Dragon Scales
  • Fragmented Mysterious Pendant
  • Infinity War 2 Admission Ticket


* Notes:

  • Dravis Red Plate can be used to rotate murals in the Symbolic Room.
    • Dravis Red Plate can be randomly obtained when killing Dravis’ Guard
  • If you rotate murals from left to right and destroy stone statues in the correct order, after killing mini boss you can talk to the dragon in the center of room, you’ll warp to boss Manuver's room.
  • Dravis key can be used to open the Treasure box.
    • Dravis key can be randomly obtained when killing Dravis Dialysis and Dravis Guard Commander
    • Dravis key is a right to open a treasure box. There’s no item icon but in system chat will inform players that “You have obtained the key to the Dravis. (Currently owns x keys)”.
  • Dream powder can be used to enter the Room of Will after killing Manuver.
    • Dream powder can be obtained from crafting. (Ctrl+R > Common > Dream of Dream)

Unlock new item crafting

     Add new items in crafting on Common type. The following items can be crafted now. (Players can read crafting information by pressing Ctrl+R)

  • Mitera's Spirit Fragment    (Disassemble Mitera's Spirit to 1 Mitera's Spirit Fragment)
  • Favnil's Flame I                (Attack Force)
  • Favnil's Flame II                (Attack Force)
  • Miere's Water Drop          (Defense Force)


Add new potions in Trader NPC

     Add higher HP and MP recovery potions in Trader NPC. The potions that will be added are as follows

  • Mighty Health Potion : Recover HP 3800        (for character level 120 or more)
  • Blessed Health Potion : Recover HP 4200       (for character level 145 or more)
  • Mighty Mana Potion : Recover MP 3800         (for character level 120 or more)
  • Blessed Mana Potion : Recover MP 4200        (for character level 145 or more)


Event Update


Dress Army Event

Event duration

Start: 18 February 2021 (after server maintenance)

End: 4 March 2021 (before server maintenance)


Event details

  • When killing monsters appropriate to character level (differ not more than 30 levels), there’s a chance to find ‘Ice General’ event monsters.

  • When killing ‘Ice General’ you will get 1 Garment Rice Cake event item.

  • Collect 20 Rice Cake to exchange with Dress Army Lucky Box at NPC - Adenos (Reward exchanging at NPC Adenos will be removed from the game on 4 March 2021 after server maintenance.)


:: Costume Example ::

Mission Event


Event duration 

Start : 18 February 2021 (after server maintenance)

End : 25 February 2021 (before server maintenance)


Event details

  • Complete the mission step by step. You must receive the rewards first and you will be able to proceed to the next step
  • All missions will be reset at 7.00 hrs. (GMT+7) everyday
  • Reserves the right to change conditions and rewards without prior notice.
  • The decision of the Dekaron team is final.

Mission 1

Connection Time Reward

Accumulate online time and earn rewards


Mission 2

Target Monster Hunting

Defeat monsters and get rewards

* Only monsters whose level is close to that character (differ not more than 30 levels)


Mission 3

Item Collection Reward

Exchange key items with the rewards



Update Deca Shop


Arcadia Wing Random box (450DKC)

Arcadia Wing Random box 10+1 (4500DKC)

(Permanent, Tradable)

After opening, you will randomly get 1 item from the list.


:: New Wing Example ::


Arcadia Wing Exchange Box


EmPowered Growth Fate Wing Exchange Box


Explorer's Rune Exchange Box (150DKC)

(Permanent, Nontradable)

After open, you will get Explorer Rune(5Days)(Limited time)




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