Announcement : Hellion & Arch Server Merge to Zuto !!

Announcement : Hellion & Arch Server Merge to... Zuto !!

     Due to in the near future there will be a big content update such as Siege War including new dungeon contents, new maps which will be updated to GODLIKE Dekaron Online. And some more PVP-related events, both duels and parties. Therefore, server merge is considered to make management more efficient. And even more fun will come to our lovely players.

:: Server Merge ::

Date : March 11, 2021 (server maintenance)

Server merge : Hellion and Arch

New server name : Zuto

Guild name change schedule : March 25, 2021 (server maintenance)

:: Server Merge Policy ::


Character name

  1. If the character’s name is not the same as others, you will be able to enter the game normally.
  2. If the character's name is the same with others after server merging such as Dekaron(Hellion) and Dekaron(Arch), only character’s name in Arch server will be added A_ before the name such as A_Dekaron
    • Characters with A_ before the name must be renamed before entering the game.
    • The name change cannot be changed to a name that has been used before. Including all previously named and deleted characters.
  3. If there are more than 15 characters after server merge, you have to delete unnecessary characters to see the invisible characters.
    • But the deletion policy is the same before, so you must wait until the cooldown time is over to see the invisible one.

Guild & Alliance & Friend

  1. Guilds and Alliances created in Hellion will not be deleted or modified.
  2. All Alliances created in Arch server will be dismissed.
    • Cost of changing Alliance mark and Union of Honor item will be sent to the Mailbox of Alliance leader after server merge.
  3. All Guild members in Arch server will be automatically forced to withdraw except Guild leader.
    • Being forced to withdraw will lose support DIL and cannot be recovered.
  4. Guild Mark, Guild of Glory, G Point, Guild DIL, Guild Skills will be maintained.
  5. Name of the Guilds created in the Arch server will be randomized. Which you can request to change the guild name or request the original name. Guild name will be changed within March 25, 2021 (server maintenance).
    • Changing guild name can be done by filling up information in the provided form.
    • Only guild leaders can request for a Guild name change.
    • Form for changing the guild name will be opened from March 11-18, 2021. 
    • From March 4, 2021 (after server maintenance) to March 18, 2021 (before server maintenance) cannot create or disband Guilds.
    • It is not possible to use the same guild name as the guild that existed on original Hellion server.
  6. System will delete all friends and blacklist information of characters on Arch server.
  7. System will delete all mail in the Mailbox of characters on Arch server. 
    • Including all items in Mailbox that have not been received.
    • * Please receive all items before server merge.
  8. Cash Inventory will not be deleted and not changed.

Common warehouse (

  1. Common warehouse of characters on Hellion server will be maintained the same.
  2. If your account has opened a common warehouse on Arch server only, your common warehouse will be automatically transferred to a new server.
    • For example; Hellion(not enabled) / Arch(enabled), Arch common warehouse will be transferred to a new server without any changes.
  3. If your account  has opened a common warehouse on both servers, Hellion and Arch :: Arch common warehouse will be removed.
    • For example; Hellion(enabled) / Arch(enabled), Arch common warehouse will be removed and Hellion common will be maintained.
    • If your account is within the scope of the 3rd case, *Please move all items in the common warehouse to inventory / pet inventory / warehouse before server merge.
    • All removed items cannot be recovered.

Click here to fill out the 'Request Guild Name Change' form :


After Server Merge

    To celebrate our players in Zuto server, another main content that most of Dekaronions are waiting for will be updated in March 2021. Which is... Siege War !!! 


     Siege War is a war content between guilds. During the war, all guilds can join this castle siege. The maximum number of participants in Siege is 300, regardless of guild level. Only 1 guild will be able to conquer the castle and get tons of worthwhile rewards. Also, there’s a reward of honor due to the guild mark will be placed on the flag in Ardeca for passers to see and recognize the strength of that guild.


For more information about the Siege War, please stay tuned for the news again.


If you have any question or concern about server merge, please contact the team via FANPAGE INBOX directly.


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