[24.06.2021] : New Dungeon Sacred Claw & Update Item in Trieste's Treasure Chest

    Sacred Claw is coming, time to make Dragonic Perpetus and update of Trieste's Treasure Chest, and Attendance #10 is coming too.


Trieste's Golden Treasure Chest & Trieste's Platinum Treasure Chest

Updated to add rare items for the current patch.

The new item is on the green color bar below.



New Dungeon : Sacred Claw

(Party Dungeon)

     A dungeon where you can find important accessory items "Dragon's Claw", which is one of the materials used to make Dragonic Perpetus.


Dungeon entrance 

  • Dravis Field Map (484:487)

Entrance conditions

  • Level 175 or more
  • At least 2 party members
  • Time limit : 60 minutes
  • Admission fee : 500,000 DIL
  • Entrance limit : Unlimited


  • Meister Skill Book
  • Copper,Silver,Gold Agate
  • Agave
  • Sap Crystal
  • Essence of Corruption
  • Dragon's Claw
  • Dragon Horns
  • Dissemble Hammer
  • Infinity War 2 Admission Ticket (1วัน)
  • Transcendence light , Transcendence light shard


  • Mission used lever for close poison gas, 2 Dekaronions will use the lever in the same time to pass this condition.
  • After defeating the boss “Vinaelle Parai”, Dekaronion can talk with Blue crystal ball and pay 1 Dream Powder to go to the secret room.
    • Dream powder can be obtained from crafting (Ctrl+R > Common > Yongin Seal > Dream of Dream)
    • Seal of Yong-In can be obtained from crafting by using Piece of welcome x60
    • Piece of welcome can be dropped from monsters in Land of Illusion

  • Dekaronion should be level 175 before bringing material to exchange Dragonic Ungulla / Dragonic Kornu at NPC : Matter at Dravis Village.




Attendance #10

Event duration :

Start : 24 June 2021 (after server maintenance)

End :  22 July 2021 (before server maintenance)


Event details :

  • Attendance mission table will be changed at 00.00 hrs. (GMT+7) every day.
  • After completing a previous mission and receiving rewards, you will be able to proceed to the next mission after the table changed.
  • Each mission can be done 1 time a day.
  • Reserves the right to change conditions and rewards without prior notice.
  • The decision of the Dekaron team is final.


Event conditions and rewards

* Only monsters whose level is close to your character (differ not more than 30 levels) will be counted for Defeat 500 monster missions.

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